2066 steps

Red Square is only 
16 minutes and 33 seconds 
of walk or 2066 steps away from 
any of the 14 cozy studios at Mama Ro 
at Chistye Prudy.

We measured! Exactly 2066 steps and 16 and a half minutes, if your height is plus or minus 180cm … which, of course, doesn’t matter! The beauty of the idea is that you can see centuries in the architecture and topography of the city in a small 16-minute interval of time. And we have tried to make sure that they spoke…

What is the idea?

It’s simple. From the very opening of Mama Ro, we believe that our guests buy a piece of Moscow together with the studio. And it’s our job as well, on par with cleaning the studio or making a bed, to competently prepare everything and transfer that to the guest at the time of arrival.

Therefore, we observed what our guests ask most often and then took most in demand route – between the studio and the Moscow Kremlin – and have drawn it in detail. And we also drawn the Moscow Kremlin in every detail.

If you ever plan to visit Moscow and live a bit in Mama Ro, this route will stand you in good stead. And maybe will even inspire you to see this incredible city by yourself. Check it out: we have tried not to miss any interesting object or place on the route – move the cursor to any of them and you will find full, interesting descriptions filled with different epochs.

If you ever plan to visit 
Moscow and live a bit in Mama 
Ro, this route will stand you in 
good stead. And maybe will 
even inspire you to see this 
incredible city by yourself.

Also, we came up with some sort of attraction: try to take a magnifying glass and get lost among the busy life around the Kremlin. Try, for example, to find a saint who tamed a bear and the Mama Ro’s picnic under one of the 20 towers. And when you have walked enough, take a plane, train, car, dog sleds and come to Mama Ro to make exactly the same trip but in live.


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